Chef Malcolm

Our premise is simple: farm to table dining, using extraordinarily fresh, local, organic ingredients, sustainably grown and sourced.

In Napa Valley, we are lucky enough to have access to food of exceptional quality year-round. You can be confident about where it was produced, caught or farmed and how it came to your kitchen. It is under these strict standards that professional chefs come to your home to provide an array of Private Culinary Services.

About Malcolm

Malcolm de Sieyes has an eclectic background. Once a professional photographer, EMT, avid sailor and marine mammal stranding coordinator, he is now the head chef at Chef Malcolm.

His love of food started as a child, fishing with his grandfather off the coast of Massachusetts. The fresh fish they caught was served alongside vegetables from his grandfather’s garden. To this day, Malcolm has fond memories of how simple yet profound those meals were. Living in France, he learned the true meaning of “Farm to Table” and had the vision for Chef Malcolm. It was not until he moved to California that he found the perfect area to launch his company. A graduate of the Full-Time Professional Culinary Program at Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco, he has spent time at restaurants in Berkeley, most recently, Eve Restaurant.

Malcolm lives in Napa with his wife Kim, daughter Lilly, their two dogs and two cats. In his spare time he enjoys wine tasting, surfing and fishing.  He also trains and competes as a nationally ranked triathlete.


There are few things better than sharing a meal with people that are close to you. A meal is never made perfect by one ingredient or specific task, but is the culmination of everything that goes into it. There is no secret ingredient that can make a meal more than the sum of its parts. It could be the people with whom you cook or enjoy your meal, the wines you pair with each course, or the ingredients that are used, but most often, it is the emotional experience throughout the entire process.

Whether your desire is to be in the kitchen, participating in the experience, or to simply enjoy a meal prepared by passionate, thoughtful professionals, we will strive to make your experience memorable.

Cooking Parties & Classes

For cooking classes and cooking parties, we will send a professionally trained chef to your home to help guide, teach and mentor groups of up to 12 people. During a cooking class, you will be taught technique, skills and recipes for the type of cuisine you choose. Cooking classes are demonstration based but the food will be enjoyed by all.

Cooking parties are for friends, families and colleagues to get together and cook. All food and equipment will be provided by Chef Malcolm. Because kitchens vary widely from home to home, a consultation will be necessary prior to cooking classes and parties to gauge what the chef will need.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes are demonstration based events, however the clients’ level of involvement can be tailored to meet the aim and focus of the event. These classes can serve as casual training, help you revisit important skills, experience new cuisines, or teach you advanced culinary technique. Generally, the chef will introduce and demonstrate the chosen topic. They will cook several dishes or a menu that compliments the days theme. At the end of the demonstration the meal will be served for everyone to enjoy. By hosting a cooking class you will interact with the individuals you are hosting as well as the culinary professional at your home. Plan a cooking class and continue to take your experiences in the kitchen to the next level.

Cooking Parties

Cooking parties are Chef Malcolm’s specialty. We focus on providing in-home cooking events to groups of up to 12 people. At your cooking party you and your guests do the cooking under the watchful eye of a professionally trained chef. All equipment and ingredients are provided by Chef Malcolm. After a brief introduction, you will be given various seasonal recipes to cook individually or in small groups. As the dishes are completed everyone will come together to enjoy the meal that they have just prepared.

Cooking with friends, family or colleagues is a fabulous way to come together and enjoy the company around you. There is nothing better than cooking socially and enjoying the fruits of your labor together. We will guide a group of any skill level through a fun and successful cooking event.

Catering, Personal & Private Chefs

Our chefs come to you to prepare the food that you desire. They will work with you to serve seasonal cuisine, using local, fresh, organic and sustainably farmed ingredients whenever possible. Ultimately, what we cook is up to you.


Most catering companies prefer to cater large events. Chef Malcolm is unique, in that we only cater sit-down events for less than 12 people. However, if you request a buffet-style event, we can always accommodate a larger group.

The secret to a successful catered event is in the details. We fully customize the meal to meet your exact needs and specifications. We have the ability to develop a truly unique menu and specialize in the nuances and interaction between wine and ingredients. This will help you select wines that pair perfectly with each course.

We will also help guide you in selecting everything you need to create the atmosphere and ambiance you desire for your event. From table settings to arrangements, we will work with you to design the perfect event.

Personal & Private Chefs

Private Chefs are hired to cook on a contract basis. This may be for a certain day of the week or period of time. For instance, you have family in town for a week: during that time you want to enjoy your company and not have to worry about who is cooking. We will provide a professionally trained chef to cook all of your meals. Your chef will meet with you to go over your daily routine, dietary needs and restrictions and then customize your meals accordingly.

Personal Chefs

Personal Chefs prepare meals for individuals or families so that they have professionally prepared food to serve in the home. You choose the frequency and duration of the meals you have prepared. For instance, should you not have time to cook dinner during the week for yourself or your family, a professionally trained chef will cook meals to your exact specifications and leave them in your refrigerator to serve at your convenience. On average we cook 3-4 meals at one time. They are packaged so that you can quickly prepare them whenever you need. Guidelines to heat (if needed) and serve are provided for every dish.


Cooking Parties and Cooking Classes are for individuals or groups of up to 12 people. Chef Malcolm provides all equipment, food, serving, dinner and glassware. We would be more than happy to help you select wines that compliment your event.

Cooking Parties*:

$95 per person

Cooking Classes*:

Starting at $95 per person
All day classes, such as Framers’ Market classes, classes involving advanced technique like cooking Sous-Vide, or classes involving exotic ingredients will be priced according to the client’s specifications.

Catered Events*:

Seated events: $105 per person
Buffet style events: $85 per person

Personal Chefs*:

Meal package of 4 entrees for 4 people: $450
Meals will be customized to customer’s exact specifications and will be priced accordingly.

Private Chefs:

$800 for all meals cooked for 4 people prepared under a one day contract.
Prices vary depending on the number of individuals and requirements of the client.

*All events have a minimum price of $300. All pricing excludes taxes and fees. An in-home consultation will be necessary for all services to assess the needs of the client’s kitchen. A customized quote will be provided to address any additional cost for items specified by the client.

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